Because several insects are not available all year, we have to breed them ourselves. You can however buy food at a specialised store when you don't have that many many frogs.

The following animals are used as food for the frogs:

There are two kinds: small ones without winges and large black ones with winges that can't fly. For 3 years I've been using an instant medium as food for the flies. This product works without any disadvantages, such as fungus and is cheap and very easy to prepare.

If you use the correct vitaminpowder, fruitflies alone will be sufficient for the frogs.

Springtailes are often used as food for young and small frogs. These small white insects can be bred as following: Buy some at a store, get some dishes with lids (capacity about half a liter) and some food for goldfish. Feed them every 3 or 4 days. The food should be gone after 2 days. If there's still food left, use less food the next time you feed them.
When the dish contains a large amount of springtailes, you should fill some dishes with about 2cm of compost. Make sure it is moist. Use a small tube and blow the springtales from the origional dish to the dishes filled with compost. Use about 5 dishes. Repeat this process if necessary. Use the tube to blow the springtales into the vivarium when you feed the frogs.

Other food
There is other food available for the frogs, but these have some disadvantages.

Waxmoth larva can be used as food, but can cause weightproblems. Don't feed the frogs more than once every month and only use small larva.

Wild isects
Wild insects can be used as food for the frogs, but they sometimes carry small harmfull insects or diseases that can cause the frogs to be sick or die.

Curled wing fly
These flies are normal flies with mutated winges that prevent them from flying. Only suitable as food for big frogs such as the Phylobates bicolor and -terriblis.